Security Update: Join a Focus Group

Submitted by TMCC Security Committee

The Houston Police Department switched to a new crime reporting system mid 2018. In this new system more incidents are reported than in the previous. To learn more about the new NIBRS system, please check out the July 2019 Timbergram.

The security committee needs you. We would like to host a few focus group sessions to brainstorm ideas on how we might make our neighborhood safer. Would you kindly consider meeting with us over a few idea sessions? Please drop us a line to get involved and mark your calendar for our first Focus Group Meeting.

Please also join us at the General Meeting on Sept. 10 for an open discussion on our neighborhood security and private security patrols. We will share crime stats and trends, and discuss the future direction of the security committee, where efforts should be focused, and an appeal for helpful volunteers to continue to step up.


Recent Crimes Reported

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2019 Incidents Reported by Type

(January — Aug. 11, 2019)

2019 Incidents Reported by Month

(January — Aug. 11, 2019)