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Please email volunteer@timbergrove.org if you can spare 30 minutes/month to improve your neighborhood!

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Serving Timbergrove Manor Sections 5-14

Timbergrove Manor Civic Club serves the premier, deed restricted Timbergrove Manor Sections 5-14.

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    May 2017 General Meeting – CM Ellen Cohen

    TMCC General Meeting Guest Speaker

    Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at

    7:00 p.m. at Sinclair Elementary School


    Ellen Cohen

    Mayor Pro Tem and District C Council Member


    MPT Cohen will give a City Hall Update, answer pre-submitted questions and, […]

    Save the Date: TMCC March Meeting

    The next TMCC general meeting is March 21, 2017. Heather Cook will be our guest speaker. Heather is an Assistant City Attorney in the City of Houston’s Legal Department. The topic is Deed Restriction Enforcement. […]

    Sinclair Updates

    Save the date!
    Sinclair Elementary will host our Pre-K and Kindergarten round up on Tuesday, April 4. More information will be available soon.

    Calling zoned families!
    If you have a student who will be entering Pre-K or Kindergarten at Sinclair Elementary […]

    Update on West 11th Street Park

    Successful Completion of Planned Projects in 2016

    by Lorraine Cherry, Friends of West 11th Street Park

    Friends of West 11th Street Park has an ongoing project aimed at providing a trail that allows visitors to walk the […]

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    Private SEALS Security

    Help Protect Your Neighborhood through the end of 2016 – Special Year-End Donation Levels

    Signup/RENEW HERE  

    Security News

    Annual Security Recap

    by Neighborhood Security Committee

    It’s clear that the residents of Timbergrove Manor take security and crime in our neighborhood very seriously. Not only do we look out for our nearby neighbors but did you know that we also have dedicated volunteers who tirelessly donate their time with the HPD Citizens Patrol program. These gracious volunteers regularly patrol our neighborhood serving as our eyes on the streets when we cannot be home. These residents are owed a debt of gratitude. Thank you Citizens Patrol!

    And, starting full-time last year, security officers from S.E.A.L. Security Solutions have joined our […]

    Holiday Patrols and Vacation Watches

    Support for Private Security Patrols Gives You Vacation Watch in Time for the Holidays

    For those that haven’t yet made a financial commitment to support Private Security Patrols in Timbergrove Manor Sections 5 – 14, we need your help! Donors get the added benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home Security Reviews in addition to the Enhanced Patrol.

    The holidays are an especially important time to help protect the security of benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home
    benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home your home and your loved […]


    Title Companies & Realtors – The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club (TMCC) has voluntary dues.  Please make information about this website available to your clients & customers.

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