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Update: US Highway 290 Construction Project

April 26th, 2018|Comments Off on Update: US Highway 290 Construction Project

By Jennifer Vickers, Timbergram Editor For Timbergrove residents who regularly travel on US Highway 290, it’s hard to remember a time when the freeway wasn’t a seemingly never-ending construction site. However, the end of the [...]

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November 13 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tree Waste Collection

November 21 @ 12:00 am

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Security Tip

Hardly a week goes by without a social media post alerting us to the theft of another neighbor’s tailgate, it’s a crime that is on the rise. In this video Matt Kern from the TMCC Security Committee shows you some fixes you can do to deter tailgate theft.

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E2 = Excellent Eats

By Jonathan Nassar

Empanada Time

When I try to explain what an empanada is, I don’t normally have a lot of trouble – think of a hot pocket shaped like a […]

Meet the New Friends of WESP President

By Helen Shumway, President , Friends of WESP

As you may be aware, Lorraine Cherry, former president of Friends of the West 11th Street Park, passed away in December. I had the […]

Taking it Slow and Easy on the Streets of Timbergrove

Good news for the residents who supported original and modified plans for speed cushion installation in the northwestern portions of Timbergrove Manor and near Jaycee Park. TMCC Resident and independent publisher of “The […]

Yard of the Month

Submitted by Leslie Hillendahl

To win Yard of the Month you must be a current dues-paying TMCC members and cannot have won a YOTM award within the past year.  Congratulations to the […]

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Private SEALS Security

Help Protect Your Neighborhood through the end of 2018

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Security News

Security Committee Update

Recent Crime and Financial Support

As you can see in the crime stats chart, a recent uptick in thefts in the neighborhood has led to the highest year-to-date crime in the area in recent years. While our goal of minimizing burglaries continues to show progress from the concerning peek occurrences in 2015, 2018 mirrors the trend of increased thefts and auto-thefts.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen a decrease in financial support for private security patrols. With less than $55,000 raised for the […]

Security Committee Update

by the Security Committee

Many thanks to the generous neighbors who have made financial donations to support private security initiatives. SEAL Security officers have been busy not only with regular patrols (day and night shifts), but with numerous vacation patrols.

You can help too! Keep an eye out for your neighbors’ homes and report suspicious persons or concerns to the dedicated TMCC Patrol Hotline at (832) 956-1966.

If you haven’t made your 2018 donation to support neighborhood security, […]


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