Who’s Leading TMCC Membership?

Submitted by Laura Bradham, Membership Chair


Hello, Timbergrove Manor! Our Membership Contest is officially in full swing! In the last Timbergam, I announced and explained the 2019 Membership Contest. This time, I’m letting you know the Top 5 List of blocks with highest percentages of membership.

If you live on one of these blocks, but haven’t yet joined the Civic Club, it’s not too late to join! You have the power to push your block to the top of the list by joining (and maybe encouraging your neighbor to join as well!) If your block isn’t on the Top 5 List, realize that all the blocks in Timbergrove have fairly close percentages for membership, and you (and maybe your next door neighbor) can push your block up in the percentage race just by becoming members of the Civic Club, which you can do any time online at www.timbergrove.org. I’ll announce the Top 5 List in the next Timbergram in September as well.

The Membership Committee is already preparing for fall and looking forward to meeting any of our neighbors that we haven’t yet met at this year’s National Night Out Party on October 1!

The following blocks have the highest recorded percentage of dues-paying residents.

  1. 6203-6235 Lindyann Lane – 56%

  2. 6302-6427 Waltway Drive – 55%

  3. 2402-2531 Tannehill Drive – 50%

  4. 6202-6429 Kury Lane – 47%

  5. 1302-1338 Seaspray – 44%