Rethink Security


View the Security Committee Presentation


At the September 2019 TMCC General Meeting, the Security Committee made a presentation about the history of the committee’s endeavors and presented an evaluation of reported crimes from the past few years. Citing low and dwindling resident support, a low impact on crime rates, cost, and strain on limited volunteer resources, the committee is recommending TMCC consider ending private security patrols at the end of 2019 unless profound changes are seen in the coming months.

However, the end of private security patrols does not mean the end of our fight against crime. It’s merely a shifting of our efforts to look for something more effective. Review the presentation from the general meeting and make plans to join us at our next Rethink Security Brainstorm Session to help us shape the path forward.

Rethink Security Brainstorm Session

Thursday, October 3

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Cactus Cove