Update on West 11th Street Park


By Jennifer Vickers, Friends of West 11th Street Park

Visitors of all ages come to West 11th Street Park for a hands-on look at indigenous flora and fauna. But in May, a very special group of visitors from one of our local Daisy Scout Troops joined WESP board member and Master Gardener Wally Ward in the Park.

Ward led the troop and their parents on an adventurous and educational journey through the park. About a dozen troop members helped Ward plant a new bed of Indian Blanket in the park. They also toured the trails in the more than 20-acre habitat learning about some of the fascinating creatures that call the park home, such as the Hercules Club Tree and unique species of migratory birds and the new summer fauna.

According to Ward, the troop absolutely fell in love with the park, and practically had to be dragged off at the end of the day! Nancy Zey, Troop Leader and Timbergrove resident said she had never been to the park before, but would definitely be back.

Not only did the Troop work hard to help with the new wildflower additions in the park, but generously donated a box of dog-waste bags — a much needed resource Friends of West 11th Street Park provide to visitors.

Make your plans to visit West 11th Street Park this summer. You can see the flowers planted by the Daisy Troop just coming into bloom and enjoy a custom tour via the Park’s award-winning, self-guided Wireless Wilderness cell phone tour. (Just look for the signs.) We’ll see you in the park!