Super Neighborhood Council-14 News

Texas State Legislature HB 62

Texting and speeding on Ella Blvd. in front of Sinclair has long been a concern of the SNC-14. Governor Abbott’s signing of HB 62 on June 6 was welcome news. Texas has finally made texting while driving illegal statewide, joining 46 other states that have banned this most dangerous form of distracted driving. The new law goes into effect September 1. Those interested to learn more may visit for the exact wording of the new law, which takes into consideration hands-free devices and voice-operated technology. Read the law to see the new changes for yourselves.

A Change on the Executive Council

Greg Gilbert, our neighbor in Holly Park, was nominated and unanimously elected to be the President of SNC-14 at the June meeting. Greg is the point person for the City Traffic Study of Holly Park and Timbergrove, the ultimate goal of which is to eliminate speeding and increase safety for all of us. Thank you, Greg, for stepping up to head the SNC-14.

Chris Ochterbeck, former SNC-14 President, was the TMCC’s webmaster for a number of years, creating a state-of- the-art TMCC website. Chris was instrumental in bringing a private security program to Timbergrove. While SNC-14 President, Chris worked with Greg to get the Holly Park/Timbergrove Traffic Study started. Chris successfully got the City to install limited parking signs around Jaycee Park, optimizing access to the park for park users rather than employee shift parking for a private company. These are just a few of Chris’s accomplishments. Chris has moved to a neighborhood outside the SNC-14 boundary. Good luck to Chris and his wife, Paige, and thank you, Chris, for all you have done for our neighborhoods!

The June Meeting

At the June meeting, HPD Officer Rene Ledesma reviewed SNC-14 area crime stats. All categories were down except for Burglaries from Motor Vehicles (BMVs). The Heights Storefront officers are currently located at 802 Westheimer. A storefront location in the Heights area is still not settled. Contact Officer Ledesma at or 832-658-3829. Ongoing issues include odors still coming from the Bryce

Chemical Feed Station. Please use 311 to report odors. Besides the Holly Park/ Timbergrove Traffic Study, an 11th Street Traffic Study has been requested of COH Public Works and traffic issues on Ella in front of Sinclair are of ongoing concern.

All Meetings and the Future of SNC-14

All SNC-14 meetings are open to the public. In addition to HPD officers, a COH Department of Neighborhoods (DON) representative attends the meetings, offering a good opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions directly of HPD and the City. Visit for info. The next SNC-14 meeting is Wednesday, August 9, from 6:15 – 7:45 p.m. in the Meeting Room at Heights Library, 1302 Heights Blvd. Frequency of meetings will be among the agenda topics.