Notice of Public Meeting


The City of Houston is working with the Timbergrove Community to develop a plan to improve traffic safety in your area. As part of the process, a proposal for the installation of speed cushions on various streets has been developed. A public meeting has been scheduled for June 13th at the Lazybrook Baptist Church(1822 W. 18th St. Houston, TX 77008) from 7-8pm to present the proposal to the neighborhood and discuss the impact the devices may have on neighborhood driving patterns. The Neighborhood Traffic Management Section is open to hear resident's concerns regarding the proposed traffic calming devices.

Public comments will be accepted during the public meeting or written comments can be submitted to the Traffic Operations office on the form below. They will be accepting comments until June 30, 2017. After the comment period, the Department of Public Works and Engineering will review all the information and comments regarding the project and determine if the speed cushions should be installed. For further information, please call the Neighborhood Traffic Section at 832-395-3000