Construction Update

Contributed by Ben Crabb

The I-610 northbound feeder lane extending from Old Katy Road toward W. 18th street has now been completed and opened. The feeder lane is continuous and elevates above the U.P. railroad tracks and Hempsted road providing for travel from Old Katy Road providing non-stop access along the way to W. 11th, W. 12th, Minimax Street and then the signalized W. 18th intersection and beyond.

This provides an interesting option for neighbors who normally travel west bound on I-10 thence to Loop 610 north bound to reach the W. 18th Street exit. Those requisite lane changes in 610 traffic can be interesting. Those travelers can take the 762B exit (Katy Road/Silber) - which is a right-hand exit immediately past the 763 exit for the 610 north and south bound lanes off I-10 westbound. 762B leads to the intersection of the northbound feeder lane at Old Katy Road described above.

Also, there is new access for outbound U.S. 290 travelers from W. 18th. Turn right on the north bound 610 feeder lane from W. 18th and promptly move into the left hand lane and then U-turn under the new U-turn lane under the North Loop 610. This leads to the outbound 290 feeder lanes. Travelers will have to transit the Dacoma, Mangum and W. 34th street intersections along the feeder lanes to reach an entrance ramp to U.S. 290 main lanes, but it avoids trekking along W. 18th past Delmar stadium etc.