Update from Jaycee Park

by Darlene Wayt, Environmental Committee

After six years as an identified need in the City’s Capital Improvement Project list, the Jaycee Park Ball Field Lighting Project became reality this past January and should be completed by early March.  No more airborne electrical wiring, on old wooden poles, through huge limbs of established trees.  Instead, the metal poles will bring more energy efficient lighting to the ball field with less light pollution to the neighborhood.

Three poles are equipped with a security light for use at night.  The ball field lights will be off except when an HPARD-permitted night-time event has been scheduled.  For individuals and sports groups, the permitting process is the same except now the lights can be operated remotely by HPARD.

From the City, we have Lisa Johnson, Parks Program Manager, and Duncan Elliott, Project Manager, to thank for their years of hard work on this project, from inception to design through construction.  Council Member Ellen Cohen has been unwavering in her support of the project, her staff has been available and consistently willing to provide information and answer questions.

There are too many hard working, persistent volunteers to thank from the neighborhood. To do so would fill the Timbergram with names!  However, a few people went above-and-beyond where this project is concerned.  Ileana Desalos, chairperson of Friends of Jaycee Park, successfully got Jaycee Park on the City’s CIP list in 2010 via the now defunct petition system.  Bill Morfey, as president of both the TMCC and the SNC-14, brought consistent focus and consensus to the final plans.  Lorraine Cherry, TMCC Environmental Affairs and SNC-14 Parks & Beautification chair, provided many years of guidance and advice.    Pete Davies, TMCC Secretary, as a licensed engineer, has devoted countless hours since 2013 walking the park, reviewing specifications & the City’s permit set, discussing engineering concerns with the City, and visiting the job site during construction.  Pete’s time and engineering expertise, all volunteer, are much appreciated.

Enjoy the park this spring!