The Power of 311

by Traci Riley, Deed Restrictions Committee

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's 311!



We all know we live in an amazing gem of a community, but there are times we need outside help to maintain our little slice of heaven in the heart of Houston.

The deed restrictions committee is actively working to filter and address the concerns of neighbors on a daily basis but many issues that arise can best be resolved by calling the City of Houston's 311 help line.

What is 311?

311 is the number to reach the City of Houston's help and information center.   Services are provided in English and Spanish and address most all aspects of city services including court information and BARC.

If you'd rather file a 311 complaint online, you can get started right away by clicking here.

When to call 311?

  • A pothole

  • Street sign is down

  • Missed trash pickup

  • Car parked too long on the street

  • Leak in a city water line

These are just a few of the thousands of possibilities that 311 can address for you.  311 agents will take your information to confirm you are a city of Houston resident, document your concern and give you a  case number.  From there the concern is forwarded to the appropriate city department for resolution.

311 and Timbergrove Manor

311 offers an avenue for residents and the civic club alike to reach the common goal of maintaining a wonderful neighborhood.  If you have a specific concern please forward the information via phone or email to the deed restrictions committee and we're happy to help or offer guidance on how we can work together to resolve your concern.  If you have a specific issue where the City can be involved, call yourself or band together with other neighbors and utilize 311.  Strength in numbers rings very true in the case of city services.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to send an email, write a letter or make a phone call.  Caring takes time and energy and this neighborhood is a great place because we have so many residents who care so much!