Update - Bryce Chemical Feed Station at Bryce & 11th Street

By Darlene Wayt Update 07/20/2015: Per an email blast from CM Cohen dated 6-5-15, Council awarded a contract to Industrial TX Corporation for upgrades that include two new biological odor control treatment systems and fans, chemical feed systems and three new chemical storage tanks, the contract duration is set for 360 days.



Update 03/11/2015: This is now on the Rebuild Houston Interactive Map: http://pwecip.houstontx.gov/cipprod/index.html#

Change "Streets & Drainage"to "Water & Wastewater"; click on "all"; change "address" to "super neighborhood" and type in Lazybrook/Timbergrove.


At the District C CIP meeting on March 4, 2015, Daniel Menendez, PWE Deputy Director, answered some questions about the Bryce Chemical Feed Station rebuild and gave additional info.  He said this project is not on the new CIP Interactive Map Tracking Tool but he said the design is complete, and that the bid will be awarded in June, 2015.  See the attached information.

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