Jaycee Park - Port-o-Potty Units Update

This fall the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club (TMCC) board will decide whether or not to fund the porto-potty units for 2016 and, of course, a big factor in that decision will be whether or not the TMCC has the funds. For 2015, TMCC funding was possible largely because of the designated donation of $3,000 from Silver Eagle Distributors solicited by CM Cohen. However, the total cost was $3,487.35 for the porto-potty units, mandatory liability insurance and the HPARD deposit. The expected total cost for 2016 is $3,217.42. The TMCC needs a donor or designated donations from residents. If you think this park amenity has been beneficial or you are affiliated with a business or sports group that uses the park and therefore has a stake in keeping the park clean and safe, the TMCC needs your help. TMCC designated donations may be paid online; mailed in to POB 70977 Houston, TX 77270-0977; or turned in at TMCC meetings. Contributions to the TMCC, a 501 (c) (4), are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.

Reminder: The TMCC took this on because of complaints from many of you that the park had no facilities and residents were being bothered in various ways by park users needing a restroom. The Houston Parks & Recreation Department declined to provide these units in spite of numerous requests over a two year period from CM Cohen, the TMCC and the SNC-14. Houston Parks Board also declined to help with this particular issue.

As of this post, designated donations have been made to the TMCC by DeWalch Technologies, Inc. and Jeff & Darlene Wayt.