Timbergrove Manor Has Private Security Patrols!

Security patrolling within the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club neighborhood is made possible with commitments from you! Sign up to get exclusive access to personalized vacation watches, alarm system responses, FREE home security review, and much more!

Report Suspicious Activity to the Timbergrove SEAL Security Patrol Hotline:
(832) 956-1966

The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club 24/7 SEAL Security Hotline is waiting for your call. If you see a suspicious person, unusual vehicle, ajar door at the neighbors or other security concerns, call the hotline to report. SEAL Security Officers patrol TMCC territory approximately 40 hours per week and on-call officers will respond in the event of an emergency.

All Timbergrove Manor residents benefit from regular patrols by private security officers. However, supporters at the subscriber level also have access to premium benefits.


Home Security Review

Have a professional identify your home’s vulnerabilities. (Some homeowner’s insurance policies include discounts!)


Alarm Response

Add private security to respond to alarm incidents at your home.


Vacation Watch

Have peace of mind whenever you travel. Multiple checkins and property walks by each patrol at your home while you’re relaxing.


Report Suspicious People

Worried about door-to-door solicitors or other suspicious visitors to the neighborhood. Report it to SEAL Security and they’ll send an officer to investigate and, when appropriate, issue a trespass warning.


Security Response

With reaction times as little as 2 minutes when called, help is always just around the corner.


Security Subscriber Services Portal

What’s Happening On Patrol?

Each month SEAL Security provides monthly updates summarizing incidents, call volumes, vacation watch requests and concerns. We review to eliminate residents identifying information and then share them on our website.

Lost Your Password?

Financial supporters of private security patrols receive an email with a login password for our subscriber only section of the website when their donation is processed. If you can’t find yours, get in touch.

Tailgate Theft Prevention Tips

Hardly a week goes by without a social media post alerting us to the theft of another neighbor’s tailgate, it’s a crime that is on the rise. In this video Matt Kern from the TMCC Security Committee shows you some fixes you can do to deter tailgate theft.

Security Committee Updates