Yard of the Month

Submitted by Leslie Hillendahl

To win Yard of the Month you must be a current dues-paying TMCC member and cannot have won a YOTM award within the past year. Please note that your yard may have been selected, but if you are not a current dues-paying member you are not eligible for the YOTM award. Please pay your dues and help us continue to make our neighborhood beautiful! Congratulations to the following neighbors for their attractive, well-groomed yards!

If you have a neighbor whose yard you would like to nominate for YOTM, please send us an email to beautification@timbergrove.org. Just remember - to win they must be current dues-paying members.


6323 Kury - Sharon & James Freeman

6423 Lindyann - Rose Stork

718 Lindyann - Carolyn Watts

6226 Hurst - Agnes & Dave Eldridge

1251 Clovis - Randall Larkin Hay

2426 Willowby - James Urbanovsky

6323 Wynnwood - Janis Brackett


2526 Tannehill - Ronald Lineberger

6326 Wister - Kendall & Jordan Smashey

6119 Waltway - Danny Holland

6615 Kury - Holly Clapham & Erich Rosenow

6619 Grovewood - Helen Schawe

1330 Foxwood - Rayford Barrett

6203 Abington - David & Claudette Berryhill

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