Security Committee Update

VIN Etching Events

Timbergrove Manor residents turned out for a VIN Etching event at the last general meeting generously provided by the Houston Police Department’s Auto Theft Division. Nearly 20 residents’ vehicles were inscribed with their vehicle information number on their windows and windshield. Since automotive glass generally has no identification numbers, and are often interchangeable between many different years and models of vehicle, there is usually a much greater profit for the thief compared to other components on the vehicle. If a car's windows are stamped with the VIN, thieves would need to discard the glass before parting out the stolen vehicle, thus reducing or eliminating their profit.

Special thanks to Cynthia Schwendeman for organizing the event and Dottie Burroughs and Roxanne Hall for volunteering the day of. The security committee hopes to continue to organize VIN Etching events as long as there is continued interest in the service and volunteers to assist. If you’d like to help with a VIN Etching event in the future, please use the button below to send us an email.

Private Security Patrols

Private security patrols continue throughout the neighborhood with schedules alternating between daytime hours when most residents are away from home and overnight shifts that coincide with higher auto theft related incidents. More than 270 households have made financial gifts in support of neighborhood security, and 18% of our residents have given at recommended subscriber levels of $250 annually. Subscribers receive additional security benefits including vacation watch and alarm monitoring response services. The recommended subscriber donation level for senior residents is $175 annually.

Participation levels are on trend with 2018 levels, but lag nearly $10,000 behind 2017 giving which allowed for additional patrols during key times of the year. Additional support will allow us to add needed supplemental patrols during summer and holiday times when there are increased vacation watch requests and higher delivery rates.

Crime Status Update

Security Chart Final Final.png

Ten crime incidents were reported for first quarter 2019; 11 is the average for the same time period in previous years. On a positive note we have not had a reported burglary since two incidents in January. Theft and burglary of motor vehicles for contents, wheels and an occasional tailgate is currently outpacing historical first quarters.

Deter Auto Crime

Remember to lock doors and remove visible belongings. Theft of desirable wheels, especially those on Chevy and Ford pickups and SUVs, can be mitigated by installing vehicle tilt sensors and by using locking lug nuts with spinning outer sheaths. Many of the standard locking lug nuts can be easily and quickly removed with a few simple tools. Visit to view a video of quick tips for DIY tactics.

Recent Crimes Reported


Give Security Funds

Donate any amount, $10-$50, to help support SEAL patrols. Subscribe to Private Security Patrol for added benefits ($175-$250 annually).