Welcome Membership Chair Laura Bradham

Hello, Timbergrove Manor! I'm excited to be the New Membership Committee Chair. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you that are in the neighborhood. I wanted to see if I could address a few questions about Membership. (And, I'm happy to take more if you have them! You can reach me at: membership@timbergrove.org)

The first thing I want to address is, If it's voluntary to join TMCC, what perks does membership provide? I asked myself this question, too, since it costs money to join – $30 per individual, maximum of $60 per household to be exact. One of the main perks is greater connectedness to your neighborhood. I don't say this lightly as a long-time resident of Timbergrove Manor. It's a beautiful neighborhood in a great location in a vibrant city. The new residents moving in have a lot in common with all of the residents that we've known through the years that have always lived here. Yes, they are caring people who love a conveniently located neighborhood with mature trees. But, going deeper, they are living their lives and raising their children in the neighborhood because it's a wonderful place to do so, as a whole generation before them can attest. And, being not only Texans, but also Houstonians in particular, they are friendly people who want to be connected to their community through their neighborhood and neighbors. Becoming a member of TMCC allows you to get the mailings and emails to connect you to the lovely people who live here with you. There are also “Members Only” activities that take place through TMCC–“Yard of the Month” distinction, and some others to be newly implemented or revived as well, so keep your eyes and ears open! But, most importantly, it gives you a voice in the neighborhood through a vote. Each membership equals one vote. How better can you put your own stamp on the neighborhood than through your voting voice?

The second question that readily comes to mind is, What exactly are my dues used for? And, the answer might surprise you because some of the things your dues are used for are quietly happening around you all the time. For instance, your dues pay for upkeep on the esplanade signage and beautification throughout the year, as well as seasonal decorations. One of the best ways to keep connected to the neighborhood comes in the form of the Timbergram, as well as other printings or mailings, and your dues supplement advertising revenue to cover the cost of printing, creating an electronic edition and distribution! Also, dues help make advertising for our fun events – such as the Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Ice Cream Social, National Night Out, and Snow Day at Jaycee Park – possible.

And the last question, What does TMCC really do? Miles Sasser, the new board president phrased it this way in our last edition of the Timbergram: TMCC is working on a variety of fronts in the neighborhood, because “it is important to maintain an active neighborhood for increased visibility within local government, and to continue the benefits that brought us all to Timbergrove Manor in the first place.” Some, but not all of these things include: Community Events, Environmental Affairs & Civic Engagement, Deed Restrictions & Design Review, and Neighborhood Security. The TMCC website describes it as: “TMCC is a non-profit organization (501c4) for the purpose of promotion of civic pride, developing social welfare, and establishing public unity in Timbergrove. TMCC obtains needed improvements through the community and hosts social events that bolster community spirit. It is a [yearly] membership and volunteer driven organization.”

To those that have already joined this year, thank you! To those that haven't gotten around to it yet, please do! We want all of our Timbergrove Manor citizens to be part of the Club! If you are new to the neighborhood this year, you should have been greeted by a Timbergreeter and gotten the information on how to join in your Welcome packet.

And, if you're curious about me, I'm a native Houstonian, having grown up inside the loop in a different neighborhood. However, I've been in and around Timbergrove Manor for most of my adult life. My husband, Michael, grew up in Timbergrove Manor. His parents purchased the house as the second owners in 1959. They lived in the house for 55 years, until my father-in-law, Harold, passed away at the age of 92 in 2014. My mother-in-law, Jean, moved in with us at that point and we did a complete renovation of the home. Jean was able to live in the renovated home for almost a year before she passed away also at the age of 92 in 2018. So, obviously, in our experience, whatever's in the water in Timbergrove must make you live a long life! Michael and I are thrilled to be an active part of the Timbergove Manor neighborhood again. I've been on the Timbergreeter Committee since last year and have really enjoyed meeting and greeting the new neighbors moving in. While the house was being renovated, my college-aged son was mowing the lawn. One of the “new” neighbors introduced themselves and welcomed him to the neighborhood. He said, “Thank you, but I've been coming here for 20 years, so I really should welcome you!” We have three grown children. Our oldest, Faith, is an Academic Reference Librarian at Bakersfield Community College in California. Our middle child, Jessica, is a Software Engineer downtown, and lives in Houston, only a 12 minute drive away. Our baby, David, is in Austin, and will graduate from UT this May. Feel free to let me know if you know of any Data Analytics jobs in Houston so I can have two out of three nearby!

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