Remembering a Timbergrove Original

It is with a heavy heart that we share news on the passing of one of our longtime original neighbors on Kury Lane. Jake Ragusa passed away on Valentine's Day at the young age of 99.  Mr. Jake was such a joy and always shared his infectious smile with all he met.

His sister was the original owner of the house at the corner of TC Jester and Kury Ln., and he said she built it after loving his newly built house so much. Mr. Jake was a grocer for many years and a fixture at spaghetti dinners around town. He loved to give updates on his grandchildren and shared the labors of his incredible woodworks with neighborhood kids.

He had been ill for the last several weeks and was in rehab for a short while.  He told his family he wanted to go home and was able to pass away in the comfort of his own home.

Thank you to Mr. Jake, and to all of our original Timbergrove neighbors for establishing this wonderful community we call home. You will be missed!