Security News


Submitted by TMCC Security Committee Volunteers

For those who have given in 2018 and in previous years to the private security patrols, THANK YOU for helping to make a difference in this amazing neighborhood that we call home!

Private security patrols began in late 2015 when 24% of our amazing TMCC resident households offered up the initial financial support. In 2016 that support base grew to 29% and in 2017 it grew again to 31%. However, in 2018 we experienced a steep decline in support. Giving for 2018 is set to finish around 23% with only 18% of households having donated the suggested amount. Historical giving has allowed the security committee to provide approximately 40 hours/week of patrols with schedules regularly adjusted in response to recent crime data. 2016 and 2017 financial support also allowed increased patrols during the busy holiday season. At the end of 2018 we are instead discussing patrol reductions.

If you see private security patrols as adding value, would you kindly consider being a financial supporter in 2019? Private security supporters also receive added benefits such as vacation watch, home security alarm response and even a personal home security review. We hope you will join us in fighting crime in 2019. To make suggestions or to join the security committee, contact or by phone at 507-837-0529.