Meet Your New TMCC Board President


Dear Timbergrove Manor homeowners and residents,

Happy New Year! On behalf of the TMCC, I want to welcome you all to 2019 here in Timbergrove Manor. I am very honored that the members of TMCC have elected me to serve as President for this year’s Board. Before I begin to introduce myself and outline my goals for 2019, I want to whole-heartedly thank Bill Morfey for his many years of service as President of the TMCC. Bill will be an irreplaceable part of the TMCC and during his tenure as President, Timbergrove Manor has been recognized as an active and engaged neighborhood in Houston. Bill, on behalf of the Board and all of our members, “Thank You!”

I am excited to work with an invigorated and extremely talented Board in 2019. The members have elected a Board that will draw from the skills of many long-standing residents as well as new neighbors. Some Board members have years of experience on the Board and some are recent volunteers. I am confident this mix of tenured insiders and fresh perspectives will lead to the continued progress of our neighborhood throughout the coming year.

My main goal of 2019 is to increase the number of households in Timbergrove Manor that choose to become members of the TMCC. It is important to maintain an active neighborhood for increased visibility within local government, and to continue the benefits that brought us all to Timbergrove Manor in the first place. I originally moved to Timbergrove in 2011, attracted by the beautiful homes and neighborhood feel, all near most of Houston’s greatest attractions.

A bit about me: I attended business school at Texas A&M University followed by The University of Virginia School of Law. Originally from Corpus Christi, I moved to Houston upon graduation from law school in 2009, and practiced corporate and contracts law for four years. More recently, I returned to Texas A&M and completed a M.S. in Geology in 2015, all the while remaining a homeowner and part-time resident in Timbergrove Manor. I currently work for an E&P company with recent roles in corporate strategy and North American offshore exploration.

I look forward to meeting many of you that I have not yet gotten the chance to speak with. I sincerely hope that you will consider renewing or joining as a member of TMCC. A form is enclosed should you choose to do so. I welcome any questions you may have and want to once again reiterate how excited I am to serve you this year.

Best, Miles Sasser