Activities Committee Chair Needed


By Tim Louque, Activities Committee

After five years, I am stepping down as Activities Committee Chair on December 30, 2018.  It’s time.  The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club is searching for a new committee chair to take over this position.  I am not going to sugar coat this at all, this is not an easy committee to lead.  But I have an idea that might make this task easier for those who volunteer.

I think that this should be broken down into sub-committee chairs.  We will find a chair to plan each event.  There should be one person at the helm to work with each of the event volunteers.

Here is a list of the events each year.  Pick one that works for you.  Then, I will write for you very detailed guidelines for that event, a schedule and description of all aspects of the event, a step by step outline, a task by task – one thing at a time list, contacts’ names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, for your event. It will be SO DETAILED you will be left without a question! You will probably scream at my minutiae and write your own guideline and schedule!  Also, I will give you the paperwork that I have accumulated over the years for each event.

  • Easter Egg Hunt Chair – This event is held two Saturdays before Easter Sunday, with a rain date the following Saturday. The rain date would always be the day before Easter Sunday.

  • The Independence Day Ice Cream Social Chair – This is held on July Fourth, of course.

  • The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner chair – This event is held at the end of September on a NON-Texans game Sunday.

  • Holiday Lights Contest Chair – To give residents the time needed to decorate, we judge lights as late as possible in December, while still allowing enough time to get the winner’s names in the January edition of The Timbergram. The deadline for submitting articles is December 15th.

  • SnowFest Chair – This is our largest event. It is usually held the second weekend in December. Depending on that date, then it might be the first or third Saturday in December.

  • Activities Chair – This position will be the leader of the pack. Just help out where you can and keep everything running smoothly.

  • NOTE – Each chair is also responsible for writing The Timbergram articles for your event.

Would you please volunteer?  Most of it will take very little time if you only have the one event to plan.  Make yours an exclusive club.  Involve all of your neighborhood friends in your committee – have dinner meetings, BOOZE, laughter.  Just WORK IT!  Incredibly, volunteers are in short supply.  We will desperately need help to continue with these neighborhood events loved by all.  

These yearly events are a huge part of what keeps Timbergrove Manor one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in!  Doesn’t it seem to you like you’d fit in great somewhere?  

Interested?  Talk to me about it.  Just contact me at