Plug In to the Good Energy in the ‘Grove

By Jennifer Vickers

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Timbergrove Manor. We’re so grateful to Carrie Brawley for taking over as Timbergreeters Committee Chair. Along with fresh-faced volunteers Cynthia Schwendeman, Jennah Pry, and Laura Bradham, expect to see these neighborhood goodwill ambassadors greeting our newest neighbors.

If you’ve recently moved into the neighborhood, drop a.line to We would love to get you on the email list so you can keep up with neighborhood happenings and have a welcome kit we’d like to deliver. They include TMCC decals which help Security Patrol know which vehicles should be regularly parked in the area.

We also have some important and exciting volunteer opportunities. Send a message to to sign up to assist with one of the following.

Newsletter Editor

As you may have read in the last edition of the Timbergram, 2018 will be my final laying out a print edition of the civic club news.

If you’re not already receiving electronic editions of this newsletter, please visit to sign up for email alerts. However, the civic club is aware that some of our residents strongly prefer access to a hard-copy version of the newsletter and the board is working hard to ensure we continue to deliver printed communications to residents who request them after 2018.

Do you have professional or desktop publishing and layout experience? The current newsletter is designed using only Apple's Pages software - a program free to Mac users. Of course, the great thing about volunteer-driven work is adapting to meet changing needs. (So a future print newsletter could easily switch to different software depending upon the preferences of the new editor.)

The board is also researching more turn-key newsletter publishing options provided by third-party vendors. However, if TMCC elects to go in such a direction, a volunteer to coordinate with the publisher and numbers committees will still be needed.

If you're interested in learning more about working on The Timbergram, please get in touch..

VIN Etching Event Coordinator

VIN etching is a countermeasure to motor vehicle theft that involves etching a vehicle’s VIN onto its windows to reduce the value of a stolen vehicle to thieves.

The TMCC Security Committee is in need of a volunteer who can work with HPD to coordinate the next VIN Etching Event in Timbergrove Manor. The scope of work includes booking services with law enforcement, finding a host venue, managing attendee sign-ups, promoting the event, and recruiting additional volunteers to execute the project.

If you’re organized, good with logistics and just a little tech savvy, please consider helping.

Web Developer

TMCC’s current website is built on a WordPress platform. We love the ease of updates and affordability of this technology but want to take our donation offerings to the next level. In conjunction with the organization’s goal to offer members options for reoccurring subscriptions for annual dues, private security subscriptions and more, we are in need of a volunteer with the web development experience to select appropriate third-party providers and implement new storefront solutions.

Fourth of July & Other Activities

Maybe you're a born party planner, a creative-type or one of those folks can keep everything organized. If so, it sounds like you'd be a shoe-in to help with our ongoing calendar of special events. Our next social will be the annual Independence Day Ice Cream Social where we'll need assistance the day of. But we need help planning and executing our roster of fun activities year-round.