SNC-14 Update

by Darlene Wayt

Super Neighborhood Council 14 (SNC-14) meets the second Thursday of even months from 6:15 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. at Lazybrook Baptist Church, 1822 W. 20th St. The next meeting is June 14 in the Choir Room of the Church.  Houston Police Department (HPD) Officers and a representative from the City of Houston (COH) Department of Neighborhoods attend these meetings, providing a good opportunity to express your concerns directly to HPD and the COH in a small group setting.  Currently, SNC-14 is composed of active delegates from 7 area civic clubs and home owners associations.

If you are a community-minded person who would like to volunteer some time, please consider the SNC-14. On the Executive Council, the Vice President’s position is vacant; the Chair of the Parks & Beautification Committee is also vacant. 

At our April meeting, Greg Gilbert, our current President, announced that he will be resigning at the June 14 meeting.  Greg and his family will be leaving their current residence and movin’ on.  We wish him well and thank him for his service, particularly for initiating the Holly Park/Timbergrove Traffic Study and for being the neighborhood liaison with the COH Traffic Management Branch for the past few years.   Speaking of which …

Greg, working with the COH and the Neighborhood Traffic Advisory Group he organized, reported that speed cushions will be installed on Seamist, Greengrass, and Salford. Hurricane Harvey curtailed funding so these streets were prioritized. Contact Greg at to thank him for all he has done to ensure that Timbergrove streets remain safe and be sure to ask him about his experience as SNC-14 President if you are interested in volunteering.  Other information from the April meeting …

HPD Officer Kenneth Bigger reported that although most crime categories are down, home burglaries and burglaries of motor vehicles continue to be a problem all over the City.  Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.  While gone from home, use home alarms, get to know your neighbors, ask people you trust to keep an eye on your property. At home, do not open your door to strangers but let them know you are home by speaking through your locked door.  Non-emergency HPD is 713-884-3131; emergency is 911. Contact Officer Bigger at

In the Bryce/W. 11th Street area, odor monitoring equipment has been installed and is being tested at the Bryce Chemical Feed Station.  For more information, contact Joe Hanak, COH Wastewater Facilities, at or 832-395-2399.

Fence removal is underway to repair the foundation of the fence that surrounds the Chemical Feed Station.  When this work is complete, new plantings will be put in the rain garden and new trees will be installed.  The new trees will be watered by Trees for Houston for two years during dry periods.  The entire project should be completed by May 21.  For more information, contact Sherry Weesner,

To learn about the SNC-14, visit the website at  If you are interested in filling some vacancies, read the Bylaws and Policies & Procedures, sit in on a meeting or contact Greg Gilbert at or Darlene Wayt at