Neighborhood News

A huge TMCC welcome to all the new residents who celebrated their first NYE in the area this year with a special greeting for Michael and Laura Bradham on Woodbrook Ln. Michael grew up there and renovated before moving back with his family. His mother, Jean, also lives with them. Their neighbor Barbara Ramirez notes “they are a wonderful addition to the neighborhood!”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, longtime resident Chris Ehlinger is celebrating 27 years in Timbergrove. Wow! He is a former President and board member of TMCC and he “still believes Timbergrove Manor is the best neighborhood to live in.” So do we, Chris!

Finally, congratulations to newly elected TMCC Officers and Directors Bill Morfey, Leslie Hillendal, Pete Davies, Sandra Crook, Micah Heilbrun, Crystal Neustadt and Jennifer Vickers.