Memories of a Timbergrove Manor Tradition - SnowFest 2017

Everything early that morning started out perfectly and smooth, even making the nine gallons of hot chocolate that began at 2:30 AM. That also included the weather! Remember, it had just snowed the night before! Every detail lined up perfectly for our 2017 SnowFest and the festival’s attendance was the highest in years. The crowd was estimated to be up to 350 people and it was an amazing success! Everyone, including our volunteers, left smiling – satisfied, happy and full of memories that will last a life time.

There were fields of fresh snow, excited children running here and there, blurs of activity dashing from bounce houses back to the snow then to the donut holes and then posing with Santa Claus, squeals and laughter, wonder and delight, faces being painted, balloon animals for all, train rides – even Milk-Bone treats for the dogs! And for the first time at SnowFest, we had Christmas music spun by none other than our Timbergrove Manor Civic Club President and Timbergrove Manor’s resident DJ, Bill Morfey. If you can just imagine your idea of the best Christmas movie ever then you know what the scene was at our neighborhood’s Annual SnowFest which was held on Saturday, December 9 at Jaycee Park.

We offer our most heartfelt and sincere thanks to our generous sponsor Carolyn Bryant with RE/MAX Metro at 281-723-9810. Carolyn’s continued support for this event over the years, has made it possible for the Civic Club to expand and improve SnowFest year after year.

I am thrilled to say that we had a record number of volunteers, which quite possibly, made it the best year yet! We actually had enough volunteers to have event GREETERS for the first time at both main entrances to the park. That was a great touch. Thank you to the volunteers who were there giving us their time at SnowFest, working to make it all perfect … Anna Luckenbach, Bill Morfey, Bill Perego, Brenna Galle, Candace Powell, Carolyn Bryant, Courtney Routh, Darlene Wayt, Gary Nordstrom, Greg and Sarah Carter, Hugo Coumont, Jamie Hay, Jeff Wayt, Jennifer Cameron and her friend George, Johnathan Rhoades, Katie Sunstrom, Kenny Bryant, Kerry McEniry, Kristi Kolmetz, Rachelle Melgarejo, Michele Laprade, Pete Davies, Susanna Kartye, Traci Riley and any others we may have missed.

With such a tremendous turnout of guests and volunteers, you might be wondering which direction we’ll be taking things next year. That’s easy. UP! We have already begun planning our 2018 event!

Special thanks to Jeff Wayt for photography.