2018 Annual TMCC Membership Drive Kick Off

The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club is a non-profit organization charged with caring for our amazing little corner of the city by promoting civic pride, developing social welfare and establishing public unity in the community. And it’s all made possible by the support of our gracious members.

Membership dues are only $30 per voting person for a calendar year or $60 for two voting members per household. This very affordable price is a great way to sustain Timbergrove Manor as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Houston and is significantly less than most HOAs.. So what exactly does TMCC do?

How does TMCC use your contributions?

Community Events

Annually, TMCC hosts an Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Ice Cream Social, SnowFest and, new this year, a dinner party for adult residents. Hundreds of Timbergrove Manor residents attend and love these unique events which make Timbergrove Manor such a special place. We have terrific sponsors for our events and most of our organizing and staffing is done by volunteer neighbors. While this helps to offset costs, we still have plenty of additional expenses associated with beautification, neighborhood activities and improvements, maintenance projects and more.

Environmental Affairs & Civic Engagement

Our Environmental Affairs Committee is very active in the maintenance and development of our neighborhood parks and spearheads involvement with sensitive projects like Bryce St Treatment Station. The TMCC also actively works with Super Neighborhood Council 14 and other city and county entities to ensure our neighborhood is maintained and improved.

Deed Restrictions & Design Review

We have a thoughtful and diligent Deed Restriction Committee focused on working with residents to be sure deed restrictions are understood and observed. The Committee works hand in hand with our Design Review Committee as it guides residents through remodeling or building new homes i n the neighborhood. Together, they are helping us to watch over our great neighborhood.

Neighborhood Security

In addition to a legacy of support from the HPD Citizen Patrol program, in 2015 TMCC retained a private security provider, S.E.A.L. Security Solutions, to police the neighborhood with year-round patrols. This includes regular patrols and a hotline for all residents and special benefits, including vacation watch services, alarm response and home security reviews for paid security supporters.

Learn more about TMCC and connect with us online at timbergrove.org. You can also pay dues online or send your check with the enclosed form. Want to do more? Email us at volunteer@timbergrove.org.