2017 Holiday Lights Contest Winners


We have noticed that with every new year we welcome, we see more and more Christmas lights. And even better, we get the sense that there are some real neighborly competitions beginning to brew! It’s great! From CDs strung in live oaks to a Mickey Mouse wreath hung on a magnolia, here are the 2017 Holiday Lights Contest Winners.

Next year, we will have a brand new category – “MOST DECORATED BLOCK.” Now is the time to get your thoughts together with your neighbors on the block and make plans to be the winner of our newest award.

Best Original Theme

6314 Grovewood Lane

Best Traditional Theme

6427 Kury Lane

Best Religious Theme

6538 Lindyann Lane

Favorite Children’s Theme

2430 Droxford Drive

Best Inflatables Display

2302 Tannehill Drive

Best Overall Use of Lights

6202 Kury Lane

Exceptional Achievement

1327 Guese Road

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