We Couldn’t Do It Without Volunteers!


The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is how we say thank you to our neighborhood’s generous volunteers.  These Timbergrove residents give their time for many of the activities and programs that we have all come to count on – our block captains, the Citizen Patrol program, Timbergrove Manor sponsored event volunteers, the beautification committee, our neighborhood parks volunteers, the various committee chairs and members along with our Civic Club Board of directors. Without them, neighborhood events and activities would not be possible.

Once again, this year’s dinner was held at Spaghetti Western – The Sequel on 18th Street. Our honorees in attendance had their choice of one of four entrees along with bread sticks, choice of salad, and dessert along with their favorite soda or iced tea.

Door prizes were awarded – wine, restaurant gift cards, retail store gift cards.  The red, orange and yellow bell pepper and bedding plant centerpieces were given to everyone in attendance so that no one went home empty handed. With nearly forty people joining, great conversation, creating friendships, visiting with longtime friends, trading “war stories” and just catching up with each other since last year is what this fantastic annual event is all about.

Would you think about volunteering? There is no better time than now! Incredibly, volunteers are in short supply and they are always needed.  There is a huge variety of ways you can help us keep Timbergrove Manor a GREAT place to live! Read this issue of The Timbergram and review the committees section with names of committees, committee chairs and e-mail addresses. Doesn’t it seem to you like you’d fit in great somewhere?

Want to help with an event? Just contact us by writing to the Activities Chairman at activities@timbergrove.org