Stop and Say Thanks


After another sizzling summer, let’s be sure to remember the brave firefighters who protect us year round. (As if the weather wasn't hot enough!)

At our local firehouses, Station 62 at 1602 Seamist Dr. And Station 11 at 460 T.C. Jester Blvd, anytime the trucks are in, the firefighters are in as well. They enjoy regularly giving tours of the station and teaching their neighbors about the equipment that helps them in protecting all of the Heights.

As with anything (like unexpected visitors showing up to our house during nap time), it's a much better experience for everyone if it's planned. You can have up to 30 people for each visit and they do a station tour, let the kids sit in the truck and turn on all the lights.

Plan to stay about an hour. And, if you’d like to bring a little treat when you stop by, know it’s greatly appreciated! Many thanks were given to tour guests bringing homemade snacks like cookies, brownies, or their favorite: Blue Bell ice cream! On each shift, there are typically 8-10 firefighters at the station.

So make plans to tour the station with the family. Or just drop by a thank you note or gift. Thanks to our  Timbergrove Firefighters!

Special thanks to Cheyenna Brehm and Retired Firefighter Mike Smith for contributing to this article.

Tales from the Firehouse

“Our daughter's name is Drew and she is 3. We had a particularly amazing experience on a recent visit to Station 11 when Fireman Jason Griggs (pictured) was incredibly sweet to all of the kids. He spent so much time with each and every one of them! My daughter literally left the station wanting to be a fireman (and asking why they didn't have any girls working there).”

Submitted by Courtnie Hays