Volunteers Needed—The Search Is On!


By the TMCC Membership Committee

The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club has a Membership Committee opening and we are actively searching for a volunteer to fill the vacancy. We are looking for an detail-oriented, professional, volunteer with strong interpersonal skills. Candidates must be willing to transition and eventually take over the majority of Membership Committee activities by January 1, of next year.

Volunteer Requirements & Duties

  • The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining an Excel database of all Timbergrove Manor Civic Club members and their contact information, log all membership donations from P.O. Box as well online from our website inbox, and prepare deposit information for the TMCC Treasurer.

  • Candidates should be proficient in Excel and understand the basics of linked spreadsheets and Excel database functions

  • The Membership Committee is also responsible for developing an annual membership letter which is included in the January issue of the Timbergram. The volunteer would be sending out ‘thank you’ letters for to sponsors for the reception of their donations.

  • The volunteer would pick up mail regularly from P.O. Box (at18th & Beall) and forward said mail to the respective board members as required

  • The volunteer would attend monthly board meetings and provide detailed membership reports to board

  • The volunteer would attend bi-monthly general meetings at Sinclair Elementary School, where they would check people in at meeting as well as provide a detailed membership report to general members

  • Time commitment is approximately only one hour a week depending on volume of donations, with peak activity occurring in January

If interested, we strongly encourage you to apply!

Please contact the TMCC Membership Committee at either volunteer@timbergrove.org or membership@timbergrove.org