Neighborhood Security Update


by Neighborhood Security Committee

Timbergrove Manor Sections 5-14 have averaged 12 reported crimes per year from January through March, for years 2013 to 2016. We are seeing a slight downward trend with a count of 8 reported crimes for the same months in 2016 and 10 for those months in 2017. 6 of the 10 crimes in 2017 were reported in February which is an abnormally high number of crimes reported for one month.

Theft typically dominates that crime count in the 45-65% range while burglary is second in the range of 30-40%. The end of 2016 had burglary incidents dropping into the range of 25% and 2017 January through March shows burglary in the 20% range. We continue to adapt Private Security Patrol  schedules based on reported crimes, available funding and your feedback. Officer Pavon of SEAL Solutions has also asked residents to post No Solicitation signs. We all worry that people who are seemingly selling items door-to-door may have more nefarious plans. And posting a sign makes it easier for our SEAL officers to ask those violating your posted request to leave your property…and the neighborhood.  Thanks for making our neighborhood a safer place!