Circle the Wagons. It takes all of us to beat the bad guys!


by Neighborhood Security Committee

Howdy Neighbors… As you may have read in the January edition of The Timbergram, we showed a 30% drop in reported crimes within our Timbergrove Manor Civic Club boundaries from 2015 to 2016!  Thanks again to Citizen’s Patrol, private security supporters and watchful neighbors for your contribution to this reduction in crime.

We have also kicked off our 2017 campaign donations for S.E.A.L. Security. So far 18% of the homes within TMCC have joined with us and have donated 60% of our 2017 goal as of mid-February.

In early 2017 we have experienced an unusual amount of nighttime crimes in our neighborhood including truck tailgate theft, truck toolbox vandalism and theft, car dash vandalism and attempted auto theft, motorcycle theft and mysterious tapping on neighbors windows in the wee hours of the mornings. 

We are asking for your help in deterring daytime and nighttime crimes through increased vigilance and financial support. If you have forgotten to write that check or click on our web link, don't delay, make your donation today.  Encourage your neighbors to join you in donating.  Sponsor a neighbor who may need a little help with their donation, shake the money tree.  Our updated goal is to maintain our current daytime patrols and add for additional nighttime security patrols.  Help to show these thieves: you don’t mess with Timbergrove Manor!

Donate today: