Annual Security Recap


by Neighborhood Security Committee

It’s clear that the residents of Timbergrove Manor take security and crime in our neighborhood very seriously. Not only do we look out for our nearby neighbors but did you know that we also have dedicated volunteers who tirelessly donate their time with the HPD Citizens Patrol program. These gracious volunteers regularly patrol our neighborhood serving as our eyes on the streets when we cannot be home. These residents are owed a debt of gratitude. Thank you Citizens Patrol!

And, starting full-time last year, security officers from S.E.A.L. Security Solutions have joined our Citizens Patrol volunteers on the streets of Timbergrove in uniforms, marked vehicles and are often accompanied by K9 officers. This initiative was fully funded and only possible by donations from our great residents.

Between 2014 and 2015 Sections 5 - 14 of Timbergrove Manor saw a 25% increase in crimes reported. Thefts increased modestly, while burglaries, mostly during the middle of the day, jumped by 40%. As a result volunteers with TMCC’s Neighborhood Security Committee gauged resident interest in a private security trial during the 2015 holiday season. Not surprisingly residents stepped up and not only met but exceeded fundraising goals for a short 6-8 week trial! Bolstered by great initial results the civic club pressed on to raise funds for and administer a year-round private security patrol program.

The Committee’s initial 2016 goal to raise $68,400 was enough to provide twelve months of patrols for 40 hours a week. Thanks again to our neighbors’ generous financial support, we raised a total of $71,354 allowing us to cover the 40-hour per week patrols and add additional patrols during the holiday periods and times of higher crime activity. To the 28% of residents who donated in 2016 to make this possible, THANK YOU! We are making a difference.

During the past year, we have received more than 400 calls to the Neighborhood Security Hotline. While we have worked with a few different S.E.A.L. officers, we are lucky to have a specific patrolman, Officer Pavon responsible for our neighborhood on a normal basis. Officer Pavon drives the streets of Timbergrove, typically five days a week, building his knowledge of our neighborhood and making personal connections with our residents. This connection was even more evident when the residents of Droxford stepped up with gift cards to help officer Pavon through Christmas with his daughter. Awesome job Droxford!

Officer Pavon and other officers have also investigated 90 suspicious persons and the same number of suspicious vehicles, completed more than 250 vacation watches, and answered 21 home alarm calls. In addition, they were able to assist two dozen residents in miscellaneous situations where a helping hand was needed. In total our officers have patrolled the streets of Timbergrove Manor for more than 2,250 hours!

Through December 20, the total crimes reported were at 42. Year -to-date numbers indicates thefts are down from last year and burglaries saw a reduction of more than half.

Together we are effectively meeting the goal of reducing crime. However, 42 crimes are still 42 too many and one area of improvement particularly stands out: Auto thefts are increasing. In order to target these predominately overnight crimes, we are hoping to increase household participation from the 2016 rate of 28% and allow for more moonlight patrols in 2017.

Our financial target in the coming year is to increase donations to $79,800: enough to again cover year-round, 40 hour per week patrols and to add up to eight additional 40-hour patrols to cover holidays and package thefts, acute crime spikes and nighttime patrols to help curb auto theft rates. If you are not currently supporting the private security program, we hope that you will give it strong consideration for the 2017 year.

Added Benefits for Financial Supporters

While private security patrols deter crime for all Timbergrove residents, financial supporters reap additional benefits:

Vacation Watch - have officers check on your home during routine patrols - typically multiple times per day - while you are out of town. Officers check windows, doors, gates and more as they patrol your property.

Alarm Response - add S.E.A.L. Security to your alarm coverage and they’ll respond typically in minutes. (An average of less than three minutes for most calls.)

Home Security Review - S.E.A.L. officers will inspect your home to help identify vulnerabilities. Some insurance companies even offer a discount for customers that have reviews completed.

Solicitor Trespass Warnings - worried those door-to-door salesmen are actually casing your house for a future break in? SEALS officers will address solicitors and handout Trespass Warnings to run them out of the subdivision. Become a Security Supporter Today.

Become a Security Supporter

Whether you are a returning supporter (THANK YOU!) or participating for the first time it’s easy to become a Private Security Supporter. Simply indicate your level of support on the printable “2017 TMCC Dues and Support Form” or use the button below to donate online.