Super Neighborhood Council 14

The SNC-14 meets bi-monthly, the second Wednesday of even months. The next meeting is December 14 from 6:15 – 7:45 p.m. at Heights Library, 1302 Heights Blvd., 77008. Agenda topics are Crime & Safety, Parks & Beautification, and Infrastructure. A COH Department of Neighborhoods representative and, when available, HPD officers attend these meetings.

Thanks to the efforts of Chris Ochterbeck, SNC-14 President, 3-hour limited parking signs for Jaycee Park were installed by the City in September, helping to ensure available parking for park users. Vehicles of shift workers from a business located on Seamist were parking in front of Jaycee Park for 8 hours or more and those wishing to use the park were having trouble finding a parking space.

A COH traffic study for Timbergrove and Holly Park is ongoing. At the August meeting, the SNC-14 voted to request an additional, updated traffic plan for Ella Blvd. and streets around Sinclair Elementary School, goal being to address speeding and texting in a school zone. At the October meeting, the SNC-14 voted to request a traffic study for W. 11th Street, particularly the area between Shirkmere and Shelterwood.

Visit for bylaws and a list of current Executive Council Officers and Delegates. The position of Correspondence Secretary is open. This is a term-limited, volunteer position, main duties of which can be fulfilled using email and committing to attend as many of the six meetings as possible. Interested parties are invited to email