Annual Independence Day Ice Cream Social and Children’s Parade!


Boom!  Ooooo Aaahhhhhh...

Annual Independence Day Ice Cream Social and Children’s Parade!

July Fourth is on a Monday this year.   Can you think of any better way to beat the Monday blues than to join us as we celebrate our Nation’s Independence at our Annual Ice Cream Social?  It all begins at 4:00 PM at Jaycee Park.  Neighborhood realtor, Sharon Ettinger of Keller William Metropolitan Realty, is once again sponsoring the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club event.  There is no better way to experience family fun for everyone like celebrating and seeing life through the eyes of children.

The best part?  It is the children’s parade of course!  We know that it’s a huge deal for children to be in a real parade.  So come on kids!  Gather up Rover and Fido, decorate your wagons, bicycles, tricycles, strollers, carts and YOURSELF!  Show us your spirit of the red white and blue.  It is a little known fact that pets also love to show off in the annual parade.  They love the attention!  There will be prizes for everyone!

THIS YEAR, we have an added feature.  We are raffling off a gift basket with a wine theme to raise money for the porto-potties in Jaycee park.  The lovely gift basket was donated by an anonymous Timbergrove Manor resident.  Within the basket you will find two bottles of wine, a red and a white, two wine glasses, a cork screw, a “corkcicle” that will keep your white wines chilled perfectly, crackers, napkins, and magnets.  Come over and buy a ticket and with that, you have made a contribution to a GREAT cause.

This year, the Baskin Robbins, at 1354 West 43rd Street, will be providing your favorite flavors with the best selection of toppings ever.  “Would you like that in a cup or a cone?  One scoop or two?  Which toppings would you like?”  Cold, creamy ice cream on a hot July day - WHAT could be better?

We’ll have watermelon, cut fresh and served ice cold with lemonade and iced tea too!

As you know, an Independence Day celebration hosted by the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club is not complete without a fire engine.  So KIDS!  Come out and see a fire engine and climb in, turn the steering wheel, meet firemen, take pictures and learn about firefighting.

You can still pay your 2016 Membership Dues – cash, check or credit card.  You can also get information about West 11th Street Park and make a donation for park improvements.  We urge you to come and pick up a neighborhood car decal if you don’t already have one.  AND!  Learn about our S.E.A.L.S. Neighborhood Security Program.