Our annual TMCC events, including the Easter Egg Hunt, wouldn't be possible without the generous assistance of area residents.  Already the eggs for this year's Egg Hunt have been stuffed with candy, but now we need helpers for the day of the event. Please see the list of volunteer positions detailed below and email Activities Co-Chair Tim Louque at timnwgary@comcast.net to assist.

Saturday, March 19, 2016 / 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Spark Park – Sinclair Elementary School Grounds

Balloon Artist’s Assistant – ONE Volunteer Needed at 8:30 AM *** Simply to keep an eye on the children in line and be sure that the artists have what they need.

Children’s Seating Area to Eat and Drink – ONE Volunteer Needed at 8:45 AM *** This person just needs to see that a rug placed on the floor is clear of foot traffic and parents know that their children can sit on the floor to eat and drink.

Clean Up – WHOEVER IS WILLING TO HELP beginning at around 11:00 AM *** Remove any remaining litter from the Spark Park grounds and help the event organizers remove all items brought in for the event and help to return supplies to vehicles.

Easter Bunny – ONE Volunteer Needed – Must make an entrance through the gate at 8:45 AM *** Easter Bunny costume will be provided. It would help to enjoy children and share in their excitement.

Easter Egg Return Bins – TWO Volunteers Needed at 9:45 AM *** Must be good with children. Stand at the empty plastic storage bins and make certain all eggs are emptied and absolutely sure that the Easter eggs are re-assembled before returning them to bins.

Face Painters’ Assistant – ONE Volunteer Needed at 8:30 AM *** Simply to keep an eye on the children in line and be sure that the artists have what they need.

Food and Drinks – TWO Assistants Needed at 8:30 AM *** Stand at the tables to answer questions, pour beverages, clean up, etc.

Hiding of the Easter Eggs – AS MANY AS POSSIBLE Volunteers Needed at 7:00 AM *** This process begins at 7:00 AM. Playground will be divided into three age groups. The more volunteers we have for this, the faster it will get done.

Photographer Assistants – TWO volunteers Needed at 9:00 AM *** Simply to keep an eye on the children in line, assist with getting the subjects situated for pictures with the Easter Bunny and be sure that the photographer has what she needs.

Prize Tables – Two Assistants Needed at 9:45 AM *** Basically to police the toys table and be sure that each child picks one toy each, only AFTER the Easter eggs are emptied, reassembled and returned to the bins.

Greeters at the Entrance Gate – TWO Volunteers Needed at 8:45 AM *** Last year, I tried to walk up to the entry gate as much as possible. People told me that it made a big difference. Just say hello, thank you for coming and welcome, point out what is under the pavilion, explain the activities and that the Easter egg hunt does not start until 10:00.

Greeters at the pavilion – TWO Volunteers Needed at 8:45 AM *** Walk around the crowd and just direct people here and there, point out food and drinks, the children’s seating area, prize tables, Easter egg return bins, balloon artists, face painters, the playground equipment, balls and hula hoops on the basketball court and all of the information tables.