Don’t Miss Out on Private Security Benefits


by Dale Dugas, Neighborhood Security Committee

We are pleased to announce there is still time to donate to continue our private security patrols around the neighborhood!  While it’s on your mind, donate now. If you would rather send a check, print this form and send it with your donation to PO Box 70977, Houston, TX 77270.  Suggested donations for Private Security Patrol support are $250 per household or $175 for senior residents.

Between December and January, our patrol officer has conducted a total of 32 vacation watches.  Most of the time the home is surveyed twice during each shift.

In addition to vacation watches, our regular patrol officer and his dog Chiwa, respond to neighbors calls about suspicious vehicles, suspicious persons and alarms.

Thankfully in the past three months, we have only had one alarm go off, which proved to be a false alarm.

A few examples of resident calls to our Timbergrove Manor Hot Line to SEAL Security are:

  • Suspicious Toyota on 6100 block of Wister. As soon as our SEAL patrol arrived, the car sped off and turned on TC Jester!

  • Another suspicious car on 6500 Grovewood, as soon as our officer approached the female driver sped away.

  • Neighbors reporting suspicious persons in a gold Ford Taurus on Pineshade and Wister. When approached by SEAL officer, they said they were looking for a home to rent. After the officer took their information, he reported they left the neighborhood very fast!

  • Another neighbor arrived home to find her door unlocked. Our officer arrived and checked the entire house, it appears a spouse forgot to lock the door and set the alarm.

  • A caretaker on Queenswood called, she felt she was being being followed by a strange vehicle. The SEAL officer made sure she made it safely to her client’s home.

These are just a few of the calls going to SEAL from your neighbors.  In addition to the eyes and ears of neighbors, our very own Citizens on Patrol group works with our officer to help keep us all safe.

Recently we had 26 suspicious person calls, one defacing property, 14 suspicious vehicles and a few misc calls including two for resident assistance.

We are hoping the word is out on Timbergrove Manor…….Stay away……Officer Pavon and his German Shepherd Chiwa are watching!