Year-Round Private Security Patrols Initiated for TMCC

by Private Security Committee

It was the day before Thanksgiving when SEALS Security Officer Hassan was abruptly called into action by a Timbergrove Manor resident.  His elderly grandmother had gone missing about an hour prior in the midst of holiday preparations and was nowhere to be found!  Quickly scouring nearby streets, the trained officer, on duty as part of TMCC holiday private security patrols, located the missing grandmother within minutes and with the assistance of a couple of helpful neighbors made sure she was soon home with her family to enjoy the festivities.

Whether moving newly delivered packages to more discreet locations, checking on the homes of out-of-town residents, issuing trespass warnings to unwanted solicitors - especially those whose motives seem suspect - or walking residents to their homes at night, SEALS Private Security Officers have been helping to make Timbergrove Manor a safer place for our neighbors.  More than  300 residents joined together to financially provide for holiday patrols and, thanks to the enthusiastic support for the holiday program, TMCC will be moving forward with fund-raising and service of year-round private security.

While the generous early contributions from 2016 Private Security Supporters have given us a good start to meet the financial obligation, the ongoing program will only succeed with donations from Timbergrove residents.  Estimated donations needed are $250 per household or $175 per senior home.

Benefits for Financial Supporters

While private security patrols from uniformed officers and their dogs in marked vehicles deter crime for all Timbergrove residents, financial supporters reap additional benefits:

Vacation Watch - have officers check on your home - typically multiple times per day - while you are out of town.  Officers check windows, doors, gates and more as they patrol your property.

Alarm Response - add SEALS patrol to your alarm coverage and they’ll respond in minutes. (An average of less than three minutes for most calls.)

Home Security Review - SEALS officers will inspect your home to help identify vulnerabilities. Some insurance companies even offer a discount for customers that have reviews completed.

Solicitor Trespass Warnings - worried those door-to-door salesmen are actually casing your house for a future break in? SEALS officers will address solicitors and handout Trespass Warnings to run them out of the subdivision.

Become a Security Supporter Today

Whether you are ready to extend the financial support you provided for patrols over the holidays or you are going to participate for the first time, it’s easy to become a Private Security Supporter.  Simply indicate your level of support on the “2016 TMCC Dues and Support Form” or click the “Security Signup” button at the top right of this page.  If paying online, choose “Continuing coverage through November 2016” option from the pull down menu.

We are also in need of volunteers to help fundraise, manage supporter sign up and more.  Interested in helping, join us at our next committee meeting or email  Click here for meeting details.