Editor’s Note

by Jennifer Vickers, Timbergram Editor

If you’ve walked through Section 5 (south of 11th Street) you might have noticed the many vacant lots in the neighborhood.  As reported in the November edition of the Timbergram, seven properties in Section 5 and five in Section 6 are owned by the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD).  Many of the lots are cared for by neighbors who have generously donated their time, energy, talents and materials to maintain and improve these properties.

As editor of this publication, I have heard from neighbors who were understandably offended by the implication some HCFCD lots are not well maintained.  While the HCFCD has repeatedly failed to address community concerns about overgrowth on some specific properties, especially vegetation growth on the southern side of lots at 6015 and 6023 Woodbrook Ln that are currently and frequently blocking access to sidewalks along West 11th Street, there is no doubt that the credit for the consistently cared for properties goes to Timbergrove residents.  For example, properties on Queenswood and Hurst have benefited from newly planted trees and shrubs and lots have been kept trimmed and cleaned.  In some cases, even fencing has been added.

Many thanks to kind and generous residents of Timbergrove Manor who care for not only their own properties but HCFCD lots that make a big impact on the streetscape of our community!