West 11th Street Park

by Lorraine Cherry

By the time you read this in September, the latest phase of work for the ongoing park trail project will have been completed. Representatives from Landscape Arts are currently working on two sub-projects:

  1. Build up and add additional culverts as necessary to 4 low areas on the main loop trail that have been retaining water after heavy rains.

  2. Perform routine maintenance on the entire main loop trail. This will include cutting back the undergrowth at the edges of the trail to restore older parts of the trail to their original width. The original trail construction was done over 4 years ago, and the undergrowth has encroached so badly that some of the segments have been reduced down to 3 feet in width from the original 8 feet. The edges will also be sprayed with a pre-emergent herbicide approved by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

This work was funded by a generous donation from the TMNA “Run the Grove” Fun Run. Additional support came from donations by park users. Many thanks to everyone who supported this project!

The remaining project still pending right now is the construction of the entrance trail that goes from the kiosk on the Shelterwood side of the park in to the main loop trail. We hope to raise enough money from donations to be able to complete that early next year.

If you love West 11th Street Park, if you walk the trails, if you enjoy the gardens, if you and your kids like learning about nature on the nature tour, please consider helping to support the park. Friends of West 11th Street Park is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax deductible.  Donations can be sent to:

Friends of West 11th Street Park P.O. Box 7679 Houston TX 77270-7679

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