Private Security

by Jennifer Vickers and Chris Ochterbeck, Private Security Committee Following the April 2015 TMCC special meeting to discuss private security patrol for the neighborhood, the newly formed Private Security Committee has evaluated results from a survey of members.  Overwhelmingly, Timbergrove residents indicated they would prefer Harris County Constable Precinct 1 be retained to provide private security services for the neighborhood.

Now the Private Security Committee, led by Board appointee Chris Ochterbeck, faces the challenge of raising more than $75,000 to hire the Constables to start patrol in March 2016.

Thus far, the intention is to fund the endeavor with a combination of resident payments, donations from local businesses and fundraising events.  In the Private Security Survey, residents indicated they would be willing to give an average of $260 per year to underwrite supplemental patrol coverage in the neighborhood.

The Constable Patrol program will bring highly visible supplemental security services to Timbergrove Manor.  Uniformed officers in marked vehicles would spend a minimum of 32 hours per week  patrolling the streets of our neighborhood.  As law officers, these individuals would have the authority to stop suspicious vehicles, write citations and arrest perpetrators as needed.  They would also provide valuable supplemental services such as vacation watch, alarm response services, area crime alerts and home security reviews (which can lead to a homeowners insurance discount with some companies).

How can you help? Join the TMCC Private Security Committee. It’s our intention to have committee support from every section represented by the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club.  If you’re ready to help spread information about our efforts, solicit donations from businesses, assist in planning events and ask your neighbors to financially support this effort, email