Traffic Management in The Grove

Work on the Timbergrove/Seamist Proposed Traffic Management plan continues following public meetings earlier in 2017. According to Khang M. Nguyen, Assistant Director, Traffic Management Branch, City of Houston, more than 190 comments were received on the plan, with more than 60 percent supporting speed cushion installation.

The original plan has been modified […]

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Notice of Public Meeting

The City of Houston is working with the Timbergrove Community to develop a plan to improve traffic safety in your area.¬†As part of the process, a proposal for the installation of speed cushions on various streets has been developed. A public meeting has been scheduled for June 13th at the Lazybrook Baptist Church(1822 W. 18th […]

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Construction Update

Contributed by Ben Crabb

The I-610 northbound feeder lane extending from Old Katy Road toward W. 18th street has now been completed and opened. The feeder lane is continuous and elevates above the U.P. railroad tracks and Hempsted road providing for travel from Old Katy Road providing non-stop access along the way to W. 11th, W. […]

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