Notice of Public Meeting

The City of Houston is working with the Timbergrove Community to develop a plan to improve traffic safety in your area. As part of the process, a proposal for the installation of speed cushions on various streets has been developed. A public meeting has been scheduled for June 13th at the Lazybrook Baptist Church(1822 W. 18th […]

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Coming to Timbergrove – Private SEAL Security

by Chris Ochterbeck & Jennifer Vickers

Starting in November, families in Timbergrove Manor start to get especially busy.  Residents are coordinating family vacations, shopping for holiday presents – and criminals are watching our every move.

But this year, TMCC residents will have extra protection thanks to additional neighborhood security monitoring by SEAL Security supplementing the dedicated patrollers […]

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School Zone Safety for Timbergrove

by Darlene Wayt

As a volunteer for Citizens on Patrol and a regular morning walker, I often see drivers using a cell phone or texting while driving through our school zone on Ella Boulevard or crossing our school zone on Grovewood.

Google “Distracted Driving” and you will get facts, figures and stats from all kinds of sources:  […]

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