SouthWaste Odor – Steps to Take

SouthWaste Odor – Steps to Take 2016-12-05T21:47:02+00:00

SouthWaste Odor

Each time a nuisance condition is detected from SouthWaste (the source of the rotten smell that is particularly apparent on the western end of Pineshade), it should be reported to both TCEQ and the City of Houston, and should also be recorded in your personal Odor Log as follows:

1) REPORT to TCEQ – Houston Regional Complaint Center
Call 713-767-3641 or;
File online:

2) REPORT to CoH – Bureau of Pollution Control & Prevention
Use the 311 Smartphone App or;
Call 311 during business hours (832-393-5730 after hours) or;
File online:

3) RECORD in your Odor Log
TCEQ provides an Odor Log form at or;
Create your own log noting date, time, duration, wind direction, temperature and your location.
Please copy TMCC with your written communications, or forward your Odor Log data, to so that TMCC can keep a master record of everything, for later use, as necessary.

Although this process is tedious, it is important. It gives this issue maximum exposure and documentation. Thanks for your help!

Don’t forget, sign the Petition: 


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