Neighborhood Security – Timbergrove Manor Civic Club

Neighborhood Security – Timbergrove Manor Civic Club 2017-01-23T21:17:12+00:00


Neighborhood Security Patrol active in Timbergrove Manor!

Coverage for 2016 is active in the Timbergrove Manor Civic Club neighborhood with commitments from you!

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By donating now you can help to ensure the safety of your community, and get additional security benefits as well, such as Vacation Watch, Alarm Response, and Home Security Inspections (which may save on your homeowners insurance!).  Click Here!

Benefits of being a donor include:

  • Vacation Watch – multiple checkins and property walks by each patrol
  • Boot Solicitors – SEAL Security can issue No Trespass warnings to soliciters
  • Security Response – times as little as 2 minutes when called when needed
  • Alarm Response – add SEAL Security to respond to alarm incidents to get a response
  • Home Security Review – have a professional identify your vulnerabilities (some homeowner’s insurance policies include discounts!)


Security Login HERE

Use the password that you received in your welcome email.  If you lost it please email


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