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By Chris Ochterbeck, TMCC Webmaster

With the security portion of the website now fully deployed it’s time to focus on New Residents and Block Captains.  Over the next couple of months I’m going to try to roll out a signup/info page for new residents and to give block captains the ability to control email subscriptions/updates to […]

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Webmaster’s Blog

by Chris Ochterbeck,

During the first week of August we changed hosting providers to enable a faster website experience and save TMCC additional money.  Initial results are showing a 4-12x improvement in loading times (depending on the time of day).  This is great news!  With this migration completed we can now support a streamlined home […]

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Webmaster’s Blog

Did you miss the last meeting and are curious as to what happened?  Meeting Minutes are now ONLINE!  We’re currently working to get archived minutes up also, but until then you can investigate back through 2014.  Are you interested in additional contract security for the neighborhood?  Then check out the new dedicated web page.  […]

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Webmaster’s Blog

by Chris Ochterbeck, webmaster

Now available on the website are News Stories from around the neighborhood including the latest Timbergram articles!  Also posted are upcoming events – please standby while we populate all of the activities going on in our neighborhood.  Coming soon is a form to submit your Deed Restriction complaints and posting of the […]

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