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Annual Security Recap

by Neighborhood Security Committee

It’s clear that the residents of Timbergrove Manor take security and crime in our neighborhood very seriously. Not only do we look out for our nearby neighbors but did you know that we also have dedicated volunteers who tirelessly donate their time with the HPD Citizens Patrol program. These gracious volunteers regularly patrol our neighborhood serving […]

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Holiday Patrols and Vacation Watches

Support for Private Security Patrols Gives You Vacation Watch in Time for the Holidays

For those that haven’t yet made a financial commitment to support Private Security Patrols in Timbergrove Manor Sections 5 – 14, we need your help! Donors get the added benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home Security Reviews in addition to […]

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Travel Plans this Summer?

Don’t forget, financial supporters of Private Security Patrols in TMCC are able to request vacation watch while they are away. Log onto the Civic Club webpage at, navigate to “Neighborhood Security” from the primary menu bar and then click the link for “Security Login HERE”. If you’ve lost the password emailed to you, reach […]

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VIN Etching Follow-Up

by Darlene Wayt, Board of Directors
HPD Sgt. Tracy Hicks was the TMCC’s May guest speaker. On June 9, he brought three officers to Lazybrook Baptist Church for a free VIN etching event. The turnout was high and the officers VIN etched over 40 vehicles! VIN etching is an auto theft prevention measure that inscribes the […]

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Crime in TMCC

by Lillian Jolliffe, Timbergrove Manor Citizen Patrol

Crime is really up not only in The Grove but in our HPD District.  You are safe and secure only as much as you make resources available to you.

Type of Crime April 2016 May 2016
Dist 2 TMCC Dist 2 TMCC
Aggravated Assault