Membership Committee Chairperson Needed

Help Us Grow Timbergrove Manor Civic Club!

TMCC is looking for a new volunteer to spearhead our Membership Committee. Membership is an essential part of the Civic Club and our Membership Committee Chair will spearhead recruitment efforts.

Each year the Membership Committee organizes our January Membership Drive, reminding each of our residents to pay their dues. Historically, […]

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2018 Membership Campaign Update

by Jennifer Vickers & Crystal Neustadt

Due You Support TMCC?

Timbergrove Manor Civic Club relies on the financial support of dues-paying members to continue our work within the neighborhood. Yet, even with incredibly affordable rates, the number of contributing households has been […]

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2018 Annual TMCC Membership Drive Kick Off

The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club is a non-profit organization charged with caring for our amazing little corner of the city by promoting civic pride, developing social welfare and establishing public unity in the community. And it’s all made possible by the support of our […]

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2017 Membership Campaign Update

By Gary Nordstrom and Jennifer Vickers

Continued Giving Starts to Close the Gap

In our last newsletter update, we reminded residents that, after falling behind our membership goals in 2016, we needed help to make sure our target of 900+ area households join the […]

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Volunteers Needed—The Search Is On!

By the TMCC Membership Committee

The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club has a Membership Committee opening and we are actively searching for a volunteer to fill the vacancy. We are looking for an detail-oriented, professional, volunteer with strong interpersonal skills. Candidates must be willing to transition and eventually take over the majority of […]

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2017 Membership Campaign Update


by Gary Nordstrom & Jennifer Vickers

Annual Membership Drive Needs YOUR Support to Succeed 

The Timbergrove Manor Civic Club starts each year with a renewed call for residents to support activities with a modest donation.  Membership dues for our organization that does so much through community events, neighborhood monitoring and […]

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Resolve to Support TMCC

by Jennifer Vickers, Timbergram Editor

It’s a new year. And with each new year tends to come a renewed sense of commitment. Commitment to family, to self and possibly even to the community. If your 2017 will be a time to resolve to get more involved with your community, meet new people and do some good, […]

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2016 Annual TMCC Membership Drive Kick Off

by Tim Louque & Gary Nordstrom

In 2015, 60% of Timbergrove Manor households paid membership dues. This makes 2015 another year of increased participation consistent with the past two years. With your help, we want to meet or exceed this level of participation in 2016.

When you become a member of the Civic Club, you are eligible to […]

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Membership Update

As we approach the final quarter of 2015, we are pleased to report that more than half of all TMCC residents have paid annual dues.  Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of these members, we have raised nearly 90% of our financial goal.

Now we need YOUR help to meet our goals and hopefully hit a new […]

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