Holiday Patrols and Vacation Watches

Holiday Patrols and Vacation Watches

Support for Private Security Patrols Gives You Vacation Watch in Time for the Holidays

For those that haven’t yet made a financial commitment to support Private Security Patrols in Timbergrove Manor Sections 5 – 14, we need your help! Donors get the added benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home Security Reviews in addition to the Enhanced Patrol.

The holidays are an especially important time to help protect the security of benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home
benefits of Vacation Watch, Alarm Response and Home your home and your loved ones.

With more presents under trees, people out shopping (and getting followed home), and boxes of high-priced gifts sitting by the curb,
we are grateful to already have a dedicated 40-hour/week patrol by SEALS Security. If you would like to help fund additional patrols for the busy holiday season and receive donor benefits, you can take advantage of a discounted year-end rate by donating now!

Take advantage of Holiday Patrols and Vacation Watch es w ith a reduced supporter rate of only $100 per household or $75 per senior
household effective through the end of the year. You can also use the form below to pre-pay for your 2017 coverage.

Thank you for supporting Timbergrove Manor private security patrols!

Pay online at or make checks payable to “Timbergrove Manor” and mail to: Private Security c/o TMCC; PO Box 70977; Houston, TX 77270

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